Losing Ellen Pompeo, the new season of Grey’s Anatomy bets on a new story

THE 19th season of Grey’s Anatomy premieres in just under three weeks and could bring a flurry of news and changes to the medical drama. Among them is the arrival of a new group of residents.

Revealed in the first teaser of the new season, the arrival of the new group secures a setback at Gray Sloan Memorial who, after all, seems not to have lost his residency program.

But, running away from the past teasers, the new preview made room for the actors to talk about their characters who will have a golden chance of the Hospital, but which also has “a lot to prove.”

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The trailer even implies that the new residents were chosen by Meredith Gray herself and promise to bring happy, emotional, determined and even possessive personalities to the series, trying to change the environment a little bit. Grey’s Anatomy🇧🇷

New Grey's Anatomy cast alongside veteran James Pickens Jr.
New Grey’s Anatomy cast alongside veteran James Pickens Jr. (Playback / ABC)

Gaining the names of Simone Griffith (Alexis Floyd), Lucas Adams (Niko Terho), Mika Yasuda (Midori Francis), Jules Millin (Adelaide Kane) and Benson Kwan (Harry Shum Jr.), the new characters will appear in the first episode of the 19th season.

crisis in Grey’s Anatomy

The 18th season of the series made it clear that Gray Sloan Memorial is experiencing an internal crisis, with a lack of doctors, sequels of the pandemic and, as if that were not enough, the hospital had to carry out a real inspection of its residency program.

To make matters worse, a major emotional crisis is descending on the main characters of the series, with Owen Hunt and Teddy Altman fleeing Seattle, Chief Miranda Bailey resigning and, of course, the drama of Meredith’s move.

However, the confusion in the episodes of Grey’s Anatomy it seems to show a little of what is happening behind the scenes of the series that, in real life, lost the participation of some actors.

Richard Flood and Chandra Wilson on Grey's Anatomy

In addition to the absence of Ellen Pompeo in half of the new episodes, and rumors that she may leave the series for good, Grey’s Anatomy also had to deal with the definitive departure of Richard Flood, who plays Dr. Cormac Hayes.

To solve part of your problem, the series took Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh) out of the fridge and promises fans that Derek Shepherd’s ex will return to have a recurring role in the new season.

In the United States, 19th season of Grey’s Anatomy premieres on October 6th on ABC channels, in Brazil, however, there is still no date for the official premiere of the new episodes.

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