Mission: Impossible 7 | Hayley Atwell details her insane action scenes

Hayley Atwell is very excited about her work on Mission: Impossible 7, and now the actress reveals some details of her action scenes.

During a Q&A at Awesome Con (Via ScreenRant🇧🇷 Hayley Atwell says thanks to Mission: Impossible 7 learned to drift in cars, jumped off a moving train, and did a lot of other insanity.

The actress also says that her character is one of the comic reliefs in the film, something that, according to her, had little in the franchise.

“She is a joy to play. She’s mischievous, and she’s playful, and she holds her own with Ethan, and there’s an element, a comedic kind of element, which is great, which we don’t see a lot in the franchise before this, it has a different tone.” – Says the actress.

“In terms of stunts, I learned to drift in a race car… I somersaulted off a bridge, jumped off one—jumped behind a moving train, um, ran in high heels handcuffed alongside Tom. Cruise. Um, that’s all I’m going to say.” – complete Atwell🇧🇷

Atwell interprets grace🇧🇷 Further details about the character remain under wraps.


Mission: Impossible – Reckoning Part 1 hits theaters on July 14, 2023.

The main cast is back, including tom cruise🇧🇷 Rebecca Ferguson🇧🇷 Simon Pegg🇧🇷 Ving Rhames🇧🇷 Vanessa Kirby and Michelle Monaghanwhile Hayley Atwell, Esai Moralesand Pom Klementieff are the newcomers.

Recently, information from the North American website Variety revealed that Cruise plans to end Mission: Impossible 8 before the seventh film was released. That’s because the final scene is a traditional cliffhanger (hook) for the sequence, and the star hopes the transition is perfect.‎

Two sources have also claimed that these movies are meant to serve as a send-off for Ethan Hunt.

At the same time, according to The Hollywood Reporterthe studio talked to Cruise about the possibility of producing a series derived from the franchise in the Paramount+and he dismissed the idea promptly.

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