Netflix star Lily Collins signs on for Prime Video series

The actress Lily Collins, lead and producer of Netflix’s “Emily In Paris,” has signed with Prime Video to star in a series on the platform. The information was disclosed by the Variety site. Lily will act in the series “The Accomplice”derived from a homonymous book written by Lisa Lutz🇧🇷

This means that, despite the success of “Emily in Paris”🇧🇷 Lily Collins does not have an exclusive contract with Netflix. The platform will premiere Season 3 of the romantic comedy series on December 21, and Season 4 is already confirmed as well. Still, the bond of Lily with Netflix it’s only through their production company.

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What to expect from “The Accomplice”?

The book “The Accomplice” tells the story of two college best friends, Luna Gray and Owen Mann, who become forever bonded over an unexpected death. Years later, their lives are turned upside down again when Owen’s wife is murdered.

Netflix star Lily Collins signs on for Prime Video series
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The script will be signed by Olivia Milch (from “Oito Mulheres e Um Segredo”), who is also on the executive producer team, alongside Lily Collins, Dylan Clark, Brian Williams, Charlie McDowell and Alex Orlovsky🇧🇷 Directors have not yet been announced, as have other cast members. “The Accomplice” its release date has yet to be announced.

This will be the second time Lily Collins will star in a Prime Video series. She was part of the cast of the miniseries “The Last Tycoon” (2017), derived from the last unfinished novel of F. Scott Fitzgerald🇧🇷

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