Olivia Wilde clarifies whether or not Harry Styles SPIT on Chris Pine during the Venice Film Festival

When the longDo not worry, dear‘ was displayed on Venice Film Festival, a rather unusual video involving Chris Pine and Harry Styles became one of the most talked about topics of that week.

Both stars are part of the cast of the dramatic thriller directed by Olivia Wildebut it seems that the duo does not get along very well.

This is because the video indicates that styles spit on Pine when approaching the colleague before sitting down.

While applauding the film along with the audience, Pine sketches an incredulous reaction when he receives the spit, but maintains his posture and gives an embarrassed smile.

By participating in the program The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, wilde was questioned about the controversy and decided to clarify things, making it clear that styles didn’t spit on Pine.

Take the time to watch:

“That’s another one of our weird rumors, this spit thing, that you may have heard about. And not, harry didn’t spit on Chris🇧🇷 But I think it’s a perfect example of, like, people will look for drama anywhere they can. harry didn’t spit on Christhat’s the truth…”she said.

Check it out, along with the video in which styles seems to spit on Pine.

“People will look for drama anywhere they can. harry didn’t spit on Christhat’s the truth.”

Remembering that ‘Do not worry, dear‘ is now showing in theaters nationwide.

Olivia Wilde (‘Fora de Série’) is responsible for directing.

In the plot, Alice is the perfect housewife, living in a utopian community in the California desert, along with her husband Jack. Hiding her frustrations, she ends up making a disturbing discovery that makes her question her reality “impeccable🇧🇷

The cast still has Chris Pine🇧🇷 Gemma Chan🇧🇷 KiKi Layne🇧🇷 Nick Kroll🇧🇷 Sydney Chandler and Kate Berlant🇧🇷

Be sure to watch:

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