Patrick Dempsey Wants to Work With Ellen Pompeo Again

Patrick Dempsey confessed in an interview to the program “ExtraTV” that he is open to the possibility of working with Ellen Pompeo🇧🇷 The two played the famous couple Derek and Meredith Gray on the series “Grey’s Anatomy” for several seasons, until his character was killed off.

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Patrick reappeared on the hit show’s most recent season, but it was a dream come true.

Now the actor has commented on returning to work with Pompeo, who he assures is still in contact, as they made an immediate ‘click’ when they met and started working together.

His comments come nearly a year after it was rumored that Ellen Pompeo took a bribe not to deliver a ‘toxic environment’ while working with the actor.

“I would love to work with her again,” he said. “I have some ideas,” she commented on how they could get together.

When asked what these ideas are, Dempsey just said:

“I’ll tell her first and then we’ll see if it happens. Me and Ellen have always had a special relationship in front of the cameras, and behind them too”, she stated about their ‘instant connection’:

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“I think a lot of the show’s success was because of that chemistry and that relationship. People want to believe in love,” she explained.

Recently Ellen Pompeo confirmed that she will not act in all the episodes of the new season of “Grey’s Anatomy”.

According to TVLine magazine, Pompeo will have a reduced role in season 19, although she will continue to produce and narrate every episode, but she will only physically appear in eight of the 20 or 23 episodes.

ABC announced in January that the medical drama has been renewed and Pompeo — one of three remaining original cast members, along with Chandra Wilson and James Pickens Jr. – Would return, but now it is known that due to her work on a new series on the Hulu platform, “Orphan”, she ran out of time.

Back in May, the actress hinted that rather than trying to end the show, she was trying to figure out how Grey’s could survive without her.

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“The show speaks to a lot of people, and young people love the show. It’s inspired so many generations of healthcare professionals, so I think for young people, it’s really great content and we’re going to try to keep it for young people, not necessarily with me, but continue beyond me.”

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