Post-apocalyptic film with Tom Cruise and Olga Kurylenko arrived on Netflix and is already one of the most watched today

Oblivion is an action and science fiction film, released in 2013, starring Tom Cruise, that arrived completely by surprise in the catalog of Netflix and it’s been successful.

A lot of people have already gone running to watch it and are loving it, so much so that it entered the TOP10 of the most watched films on the platform today.

The film takes place in a post-apocalyptic Earth, in 2077, thanks to a war between humans and aliens “marauders”, who destroyed the planet.

Technician Jack Harper, along with Vika, collect Earth’s last vital resources while awaiting their quest to go to the moon Titan. But when he discovers a colony of survivors of the attack, Jack also discovers something that changes his mind and a real reason to fight.


In addition to Tom Cruise, the cast still has Olga Kurylenko and morgan freeman🇧🇷 With the direction of Joseph Kosinski and with a script by William Monahan🇧🇷 Karl Gajdusek🇧🇷 Michael Arndt and the own Kosinskibased on his Graphic Novel of the same name by Radical Comics.

The film received mixed reviews. The special effects and performances were highly praised, but there was controversy over the film’s plot. Oblivion grossed over $286 million at the box office worldwide.

oblivion is available at Netflix and not Amazon Prime Video🇧🇷

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