“Round 6”: actor is accused of sexual harassment. Understand!

Oh Yeong-suactor of “Round 6”, was indicted for sexual harassment this Friday (25). The news came from the Daily Mail, which explains more about the case, which would have happened in 2017. According to the vehicle, the victim would have made the complaint in December last year, but the case was closed in April.

International agencies also point out that Oh Yeong-su, who played Oh Il-nam in “Round 6”, denies all accusations and has previously revealed his side of the story. The South Korean actor plays “001” in the Netflix series and won a Golden Globe for the role. Check details!

‘Round 6’ actor charged with harassment

The Daily Mail claims that the complaint was made in December 2021, however, the Suwon prosecutor’s office, south of the capital Seoul, recently reopened the case. The victim alleges that the 78-year-old actor touched her inappropriately, making her extremely uncomfortable, in 2017.

Oh Yeong-su denies all accusations and has already told local media last year that he only “held the girl’s hand, to show her the way around the lake”. In any case, the artist apologized for the situation and the stress caused, noting that the apology “does not mean that he admits guilt for the act”.

Investigations by international agencies, replicated by O Globo, point out that the actor was not arrested – the case was only reopened and is still under investigation in South Korea.

“Round 6” has been confirmed for season 2, however, it promises to only have actor Lee Jung-jae from the original cast.

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