Selena Gomez says she would like to change the narrative of her songs

After collaborating with the rapper row on the track “Calm Down”, Selena Gomez it’s new music! This time, the artist gives voice to “My Mind & Me”, the theme song of her own documentary. Coming from a period of many releases, she doesn’t intend to stop there🇧🇷 Selena Prometheus new songs for the next yearhowever, said he would like to do it again dance songs🇧🇷

At the beginning of the pandemic, she set up a recording studio in her own home. Photo: Instagram/@selenagomez


In an interview with “The Zane Lowe Show” in this Thursday (3)🇧🇷 gomez revealed that he is currently no longer living in the “A Sad Girl’s World”, and that this directly impacts the narrative of their songs. The singer said she would love to do more dancing songs🇧🇷

“It’s been a little weird and truculent because I’m not living in a sad girl’s world anymore, if that makes sense. And that was basically all I knew. And that sounds kind of bad, and obviously not all of my songs are like that. I want it to be fun, but the last few years have been pretty rough, to be honest. I’ve written a few songs and I have at least a dozen of them that I love, but I don’t know, maybe I still don’t feel comfortable about them for some reason. And of course I want to move forward and keep getting better, so obviously I don’t want to go back. I want to be able to think ahead and give myself a new narrative, and just try it. So I’ve been experimenting a lot, and it’s getting closer and closer. It’s just a little frustrating… I really want to dance, because I need to!”, confessed the artist.

Although fans are always waiting for a new album🇧🇷 Selena He always liked to do things in his own time. The last album released by the singer was the “Rare” (2020). It came to mark the end of a long hiatus in the career of Selenawhich before him had only launched the “Revival”in 2015.


Promoting your documentary, which will be made available in full this Friday (4) on Apple TV+the singer took the opportunity to talk about the meaning of the newly released theme song🇧🇷

“There was just so much to say, and I think I did a good job of being very cautious and aware of other people’s feelings. And I’m very vague, and I can be quite politically correct. And in my songs, I need to say what I really feel. And that’s why I think this song means so much to me, in a way that’s unlike any other song I have, because I’m coming clean about my mental health. I mean, it’s cathartic for me and I think it fits the documentary a lot,” she revealed.

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