“Sell it quickly”; Aston Villa makes only demand to negotiate Coutinho and Palmeiras knows how to cross 2 competitors

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The 30-year-old midfielder is seen as negotiable by the English with a view to the 2022/23 season

Photo: Naomi Baker/Getty Images - Philippe Coutinho
Photo: Naomi Baker/Getty Images – Philippe Coutinho

Philippe Coutinho lives complicated days at Premier League🇧🇷 The 30-year-old midfielder has yet to find his feet in the 2022/23 season, having played 12 games but without goals or assists during the consecutive points competition. Bought by Aston Villa from Barcelona, the player is said to be negotiable in the next transfer window.

The next window opens between the 11th of January and the 4th of April🇧🇷 Palmeiras already wanted to count on Coutinho in the squad commanded by coach Abel Ferreira, but found it difficult to advance in the operation. Now, the difference is that the player’s rights holder is more malleable to release the ex-Barcelona and Liverpool player.

Flamengo, in addition to Vasco da Gama being in the heart of the athlete, possible destinations for Coutinho in 2023 if a stay in Europe is far from the career of the medallion. Faced with the possibilities, the English team makes a single request to negotiate Philippe for the next challenge of his professional career.

Fla Web updates behind the scenes: “To buy him from Barcelona, ​​they paid around 20 million euros. Now, to sell it quickly, Aston Villa accepts a loss of 5 million euros, that is, they agree to sell it for 15 million euros. Flamengo already knows the value”, highlights the publication made on the afternoon of this Friday (9).

Palmeiras today still hasn’t found a replacement for Gustavo Scarpa and knows that he will certainly have to go to the ball market if a sale by Danilo is signed in January. Abel will need repositions and Verdão has the understanding to look for up to three news at first.

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