taking a counterattack and Neymar not taking the penalty were the mistakes

Brazil ended up eliminated from the World Cup in Qatar after losing to Croatia on penalties. The Croatian team sought a tie in overtime, when Brazil was leading by 1-0. On penalties, Brazil missed two kicks, with Rodrygo and Marquinhos. Main scorer, Neymar did not charge.

At the Ball possessionprogram that UOL Sport airs daily at 6 pm during the World Cup, columnist José Trajano pointed out what were the mistakes in his opinion.

“The two most powerful, which are reasons for more conversations, is conceding a goal on the counterattack, when they were leading 1-0 with very little time left. A completely unstructured team. And the second thing, the best player in Brazil, who wasn’t playing great, but he had scored a great goal, he didn’t have the opportunity to take the penalty because they left it for last”.

Trajano said that Brazil was already projecting a historic confrontation in the semifinal, but once again ended up eliminated before. “The Brazilian fans and the Brazilian press were already projecting the great meeting on Tuesday between Brazil and Argentina, which will not take place”.

Mauro Cézar: Brazil did not prepare to face Croatia

In his second World Cup in charge of the Brazilian national team, Tite failed to go beyond the previous campaign and Brazil ended up eliminated in the quarterfinals. Columnist Mauro Cezar Pereira criticized the Brazilian coach for the team’s lack of preparation to face Croatia.

“Tite’s work was a failure. At the time of the final test, in the elimination game, he was unable to change the way the team played. And a coach has to be able to prepare a team to play in different ways and change accordingly. with the need.”

Arnaldo: Tite had another World Cup below expectations

Arnaldo Ribeiro criticized Tite’s work in his second World Cup as coach of the Brazilian national team. For him, the coach failed in a similar way in Russia and Qatar.

“It was a Cup below what we expected from the national team and, above all, another Cup below the national team’s coach. Many of these decisions pass through Tite, who had the privilege of six years in the national team, more quality players in this Cup, but who didn’t did a good job during the World Cup again, very similar to what happened in the last Cup.”

Juca: Brazil is not in the semifinal because they don’t have Messi

Straight from Qatar, Juca Kfouri stated that Brazil did not deserve to be eliminated in Croatia. According to him, however, the selection lacked the brilliance of Messi, protagonist of Argentina’s classification against the Netherlands.

“In short, Argentina is qualified for the semifinals because they have Lionel Messi, Brazil is not qualified for the semifinals because they don’t have Lionel Messi.”

Casagrande: Modric’s performance reminded me of Zidane in 2006

At the age of 37, midfielder Luka Modric was one of the highlights of Croatia that eliminated Brazil in the quarterfinals. Columnist Casagrande praised the performance of the number 10 of the Croatian team.

“The referee whistled the game to start, Modric took the ball, put it under his arm and took care of the whole game, even in overtime, even after he conceded the goal. He paraded on the field. Do you know what I remembered? Of Zidane in 2006, Brazil and France. It was just the same, only France won the game there by 1-0. That’s what Modric did. The field today for him was a catwalk. While others ran everywhere, he paraded”.

Did ‘Era Neymar’ end up in the Brazilian national team? columnists opine

Brazil fell on penalties to Croatia, and Neymar once again frustrated the dream of being champion of the World Cup. After the elimination, the Brazilian star left his retirement from the Brazilian national team open.

At Posse de Bola, commentators Arnaldo Ribeiro, José Trajano, Juca Kfouri, Casagrande and Mauro Cezar Pereira debated whether the ‘Neymar Era’ ended in the Brazilian national team. Check out.

Casagrande: Tite wasn’t bad, he was terrible

Casagrande spared no criticism of Tite’s work in the Qatar Cup. “Tite wasn’t bad, he was awful,” he said. Watch.

Juca on Tite’s succession: ‘the guy I’m looking for is Guardiola’

After Brazil’s elimination, speculation has begun about who will succeed Tite in the technical command of the Brazilian national team. Columnist Juca Kfouri gave his opinion and suggested a famous coach to lead the Brazilian team.

“Pep Guardiola will never accept that stuff, but if I’m president of the CBF, the guy I’m looking for is Pep Guardiola”, suggested Juca Kfouri. Currently at Manchester City, the Spanish coach has a contract with the English club until 2025.

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