Tatá Werneck denies that she is pregnant: “I’m bellyy”

This past Friday (11/04), Tatá Werneck, 39, denied rumors that she is pregnant. At the time, the presenter of “Lady Night” (Multishow) shared a video alongside her husband, Rafa Vitti, 27, in which she wore a tight blue dress that marked her belly. But the comedian guaranteed that Clara Maria, her three-year-old firstborn, will not be promoted to older sister.

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Along with the video published on her personal Instagram, Tatá explained, full of good humor, that she is just pot-bellied: “I’m not pregnant. I’ve been chubby since I was 7 years old. I think it’s better to put it in the caption because otherwise sometimes it’s hours saying I’m not pregnant.“, he wrote. (Check print in the photo gallery above🇧🇷

frozen eggs

Despite not being pregnant, Tatá already revealed at the end of last month, in an interview given to the newspaper “O Globo”, that she will freeze her eggs in January of next year. According to the comedian, she is afraid of going through a difficult second pregnancy, since her first one was not very smooth, but she does not rule out the possibility of having a second baby: “I’m afraid of another difficult pregnancy 🇧🇷 I had nausea until the end and two months of placental displacement in which I needed to rest, but the minute Cacá [de 3 anos] was born, I looked at her and fell madly in love. I could already see that I would want more children. I love being a mother.“, said.

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