“The Handmaid’s Tale”: see the first images of the 5th season!

The first photos of the 5th season of the series are out “The Handmaid’s Tale – O Conto da Aia”🇧🇷 They show the actresses Elisabeth Mosswhich June does, and Yvonne Strahovskywhich Serena plays.

The new season of “The Handmaid’s Tale” will premiere on Hulu on September 14, with two episodes. There will be ten episodes in total.

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In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, series creator Bruce Miller said the story that is reaching a crucial point. He doesn’t know if it means the “beginning of the end”, but it certainly is a point for internal reassessment. But his desire is to continue, while Elisabeth Moss he wants. The two love working together.

Four seasons of “The Handmaid’s Tale – O Conto da Aia” on Globoplay

All seasons of the series are on Globoplay in Brazil. The 4th premiered on the streaming service in April, with some episodes directed by Elisabeth Mosswhich was a novelty in the program.

4th season of "Handmaid's Tale - The Handmaid's Tale" debut on Globoplay
(Photo: Disclosure)

“I can say that it has been very interesting to explore the growth of June, who is an ordinary woman, but had to become a leader. It’s not simple. She doesn’t put on the cape like she’s a hero and everything is fine”, the actress spoke in 2021.

“It’s closer to: ‘look, now you’re a leader, not everything is going to work out, there’s a lot wrong with the world, and you’re going to have to face it.’ I like that dynamic, because everyone, at some point, has to find a hero or heroine within themselves,” he added.

4th season of "Handmaid's Tale - The Handmaid's Tale" debut on Globoplay
(Photo: Disclosure)

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