“They’re cheering in Rio de Janeiro”; Palmeiras may lose +1 highlight after Scarpa and ‘bomb’ situation in Flamengo

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The football market continues to be very hot and the Europeans continue to “spy” at Verdão, encouraging the locals with an eye on the Brazilian Super Cup

Photo: Ettore Chiereguini/AGIF - Scarpa has even been presented in England.
Photo: Ettore Chiereguini/AGIF – Scarpa has even been presented in England.

Even though they are from different states, palm trees and Flamengo have created a great rivalry, especially in recent years, as both are going through great times, with privileged financial situations and directly disputing the titles. When it comes to Libertadores, for example, the duo continues to alternate who lifts the cup, with 2019 and 2022 being the cariocas, and 2020 and 2021 the paulistas.

After having won the Brazilian Championship this season, Verdão is preparing for a new match worth the cup against Rubro-Negro: the Brazilian Super Cupwhile the team, formerly commanded by Dorival Júnior, won the final against Corinthians on penalties and won the Copa do Brasil, guaranteeing participation in the competition.

Knowing that Alviverde will be a threat in 2023, Flamengo supporters are celebrating and spreading news that has “rocked” in recent days: after losing Gustavo Scarpa, who was treated as the main player, coach Abel Ferreira is also at risk of leaving, as he has been wanted by Nice, from France, who are ready to make an attack.

This possibility “leaked” due to the fact that the French want to dismiss Lucien Favre🇧🇷 The transfer window there even happened without taking into account the coach’s opinions about the signings or which athletes he would like to count on, that is, giving even more indications that an exit may occur soon.

Due to the fact that Flamengo also chose the option of changing its coach, choosing Vítor Pereira, in Rio de Janeiro they are rooting for Abel to leave Palmeiras, precisely because they think there would be a very big drop, facilitating the game for the national competition. It is important to remember that, if you really take the Portuguese to France, Nice will have to spend 5 million euros, about R$ 27 million at the current exchange rate.

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