Thiago Silva’s wife argues with Felipe Neto after Brazil’s elimination

Isabelle Silva
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Isabelle Silva did not like Felipe Neto’s publication on the networks

Isabelle Silva, wife of Thiago Silva, captain of the Brazilian national team, responded to youtuber Felipe Neto for a post on social networks during the game that marked the elimination of Brazil in the World Cup in Qatar. Brazil lost to Croatia in the penalty shootout, after a goalless draw in normal time and 1-1 in overtime.

Brazil to Croatia elimination memes

Felipe Neto “pistolado” on Twitter with Croatia’s equalizing goal, scored in the final stretch of extra time. Brazil had the ball in the attacking field and took a counterattack, even with the advantage on the scoreboard. The youtuber complained a lot about the lance and raised the tone using a word in the post.

“How do these motherfuckers score a counterattack goal, winning the game with 3 minutes left to end overtime? How????????”, he published.

Isabelle Silva, wife of the captain of the Brazilian National Team, did not like the publication of the digital influencer and shot at Felipe Neto. She recalled helping Brazilian players when the youtuber was in Paris.

“These ‘fdp’ are the same ones that made you scream with joy 5 games ago and that helped you when you were in shit in Paris, remember? You don’t respect the professionals who did what they could to take that hex, which you certainly celebrate. Go find your class!!!”, he countered.

Felipe Neto did not like being “taxed” on social networks. “I can’t even get pissed and curse the team that comes to the player’s wife to publicly attack me. 200 million people are angry cursing, but I’m the problem”, published the youtuber.

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