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American actress Viola Davis recalled the time she accidentally locked her daughter, Genesis, in her car on a hot day in interview with Variety published this Wednesday (7)🇧🇷 “I locked my daughter in the car for about three minutes in a Target parking lot,” he said. “It was stiflingly hot outside.”

Viola, her husband Julius and their daughter Genesis — Photo: Reproduction Instagram

The Hollywood star claims the incident happened “a while ago” and that Genesis, now 12 years old, was completely calm throughout the entire situation and emerged unscathed. The girl is the result of Viola’s relationship, 57 years old, with her husband Julius Tennon.

“I was overwhelmed,” Viola told the magazine. “I had 50 million things to deal with at once. My daughter was in the back seat. She was content and relaxed and I was completely stressed out.” Viola says she drove to a Target store and parked in front of the establishment. “I was thinking about all the things I needed to do,” recalls Viola. “I got out of the car, closed the door and realized I didn’t have the key.”

Viola then noticed that she had locked Genesis and the key inside the car. Through the window, she saw that the girl was still happy, not understanding the reason for her mother’s despair. “I threw myself onto the concrete,” Viola described. “And I screamed to anyone who would listen, as if in a Greek tragedy, ‘My baby! Jesus!'”.

Viola then claims that two men stopped to see what happened and she “grabbed them by the neck”. “I’m not kidding you, I grabbed their necks and said, ‘My baby is in the car! My baby!’ The two men calmly suggested that she call the police and ask for help, which she did. “I started screaming desperately at the operator and said all the bad words you can imagine,” Viola said. A few minutes later the cops arrived and pulled Genesis out of the car unharmed.

“They sorted it out within seconds of arriving. But I was traumatized,” Viola said. “Really traumatized.” After all the commotion, Viola claims that she finally entered the store with her daughter. “I started walking the aisles of Target just walking, not thinking. It was like he couldn’t hear anything around. Genesis took advantage of the situation to make me buy her a scratch card, ”she said, between laughs.

Viola claims that she only calmed down, still inside the store, when she called a friend and asked “Is this what it’s like to be a mother?”. And the friend replies, “I’m sorry, but yes. IT IS”.

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