WhatsApp develops text messages that disappear after being read

WhatsApp may gain text messages that can be viewed once, similar to what happens with self-destructing photos and videos

9 dec
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(updated at 5:22 pm)

WhatsApp prepares function to send single-view text messages, found the site WABetaInfo. The functionality would behave similarly to self-destructing videos and photos, but applied to content submitted in writing.

The feature would allow you to send messages that would be read only once, something ideal for sharing sensitive data (or gossip). Once closed, the message could not be viewed again, shared or forwarded to others.

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However, it is not clear how the mechanism will work: self-destructing videos and photos, when opened, occupy the entire recipient’s screen. Once he exits the content, the media becomes unavailable, but will the feature behave the same with read-once text messages? Will it be possible to take a print of the chat? Will the user be able to read the content on the computer? These questions still need to be answered.

However, the feature is under development, so not even testers have access to it for now. The only thing WABetaInfo discovers is the preparation of the new release and a pop-up warning of “Text expired. This text has expired. Please ask the [contato] to resend it”.

Self-destructing submissions in development

There is no prediction of when the self-destructing text messages will be released, as the function has not even entered the testing phase yet. It is quite likely that the feature will first appear in development on other platforms (this time, it was on Android), before entering the experimental circuit.

Source: WABetaInfo

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