‘Zathura’, classic adventure with Josh Hutcherson and Kristen Stewart, completes 17 years; See curiosities!

17 years ago, Jon Favreau gave us one of the funniest adventures of the last decades: ‘Zathura: A Space Adventure’🇧🇷

starring Josh Hutcherson🇧🇷 Jonah Bobo🇧🇷 Dax Shepard and Kristen Stewart, the plot follows two boys, Walter and Danny, who are left in the care of their teenage sister and instructed to stay indoors. The duo, who anticipate a boring day, are shocked when they start playing Zathura, a space-themed board game, which they realize has mystical powers when their house is shot into space. With the help of an astronaut, the boys try to get back home.

Despite the commercial failure, the production won several accolades from specialized critics, in addition to having gained a legion of fans over the years and being constantly rediscovered.

To celebrate his birthday, we prepared a brief special article bringing some backstage trivia for you to check, just below:

Take the time to watch:

  • The beginning and end of the film were filmed on the same set. Throughout the film the set was damaged and destroyed, forcing the film to be shot in sequence.
  • Bobo lost four teeth during filming; soon, the filmmakers had to make him fake teeth to wear.

  • Stewart admitted that she was disturbed to see the life-size replica made of her for the scenes where Lisa is frozen. A short time later, several men offered to buy the replica, which scared her even more when she found out.
  • The film was originally constructed as a direct sequel to ‘Jumanji’🇧🇷 The Visual Effects Supervisor Ken Ralston was quoted to command the project before the sony pictures discard the idea and adapt ‘Zathura’🇧🇷
  • The film is based on the novel of the same name by Chris Van Allsburg🇧🇷 In all your books there is a bull terrier called Fritz. Favreau put Fritz in the movie – look for a Beanie Baby bull terrier behind Walter near the end of the film.

  • When Danny shows Walter the game for the first time, Walter says dismissively: “fascinating”🇧🇷 Lisa, also uninterested, says the same thing later when the boys show her the game, showing that Walter must have learned this disdain from his older sister.
  • When kids see the astronaut through the window for the first time, you can see Walter’s face in the helmet’s reflection, hinting at his true identity.

  • The aliens, called Zorgons, are actually a hybrid of live and digital effects, an approach the studio was just beginning to explore in earnest at the time.
  • The film was shot in the same house that would later be used in the horror film. ‘Paranoia’also from 2007.
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