IT VIRALIZED! Vacuum cleaner takes picture of woman sitting on toilet

An unusual event was spotted and shared on social media, where it quickly became viral content. A Roomba J7 robot vacuum cleaner from iRobot took pictures of a woman while she was sitting on the toilet doing her business. The photos were shared on the internet and bombed.

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According to the company, the robot vacuum cleaner model made the images due to an older version of the operating software modification. According to the company, the fact happened in 2020 and this feature is no longer available in the new versions.

The photos taken by the vacuum cleaner circulated on the internet, in networks in Venezuela

According to the information, MIT Technology Review was able to access 15 photos taken by the robot vacuum cleaner that were shared on Venezuelan forums and social networks. These are images that show furniture, pets, but also reveal the woman sitting on her toilet.

According to information from the manufacturer, users of the robot were aware that recordings could occur due to the modified version of the device, which is not marketed. The great mystery about the case is that it is not known how these images ended up on the internet.

Company confirms leak, but says owners knew about it

iRobot, as mentioned, confirmed that the images were taken by the robot vacuum cleaner. However, she also stresses that all customers and users of the technology were aware that this could happen.

The equipment has a green “sticker” that shows the following message: “Video Recording in Progress”. Additionally, it is the consumer’s responsibility to remove any unwanted images from within the vacuum’s storage.

The images were captured to optimize the learning work of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) present in the machine. THE camera of the robot is for him to read the place and be able to work more efficiently over time.

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