Without mincing words, 3 statements by Pelé that were SUPER controversial

Nicknamed the King of Football, Skin passed away this Thursday (29) at the age of 82, after an intense fight against colon cancer. the title of best of the world it was not given to Pelé by chance: the player accumulated three world cups, two Libertadores of America, two Club World Cups, six times Brazilian champion and other achievements.

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Thus, his success on the field has always been accompanied by some controversy off it. Among the best known by the public are his criticisms of his main rival, maradona. After being compared to the Argentine, Pelé stated that Maradona needed to ask permission for several Brazilian players before being compared to him, such as Sócrates, Romário, among others.

Recently, Pelé even compared Messi with Maradona, arguing that Neymar could become a better player than both. “Maradona only played with his left leg and wasn’t very strong with his head. Messi is more or less a copy of him. Neymar could turn out to be better than both of them, ”he said.

Military regime and his talent as a player

After defending Brazil in the 1958, 1962, 1966 and 1970 Cups, Pelé clarified that he did not participate in the competition in 1974 due to the military regime. “A lot of people don’t know, but I didn’t play in 1974 out of disgust with the country’s political regime. It was the time of the dictatorship”, said the ace.

However, Pelé was always aware of the talent he had with football. The King commented, several times, on his skills and on the difficulty of having another athlete like him.

“They try to find a new Pelé, but nobody can be that. As in music, where there is only one Frank Sinatra and one Beethoven, or in the arts, with only one Michelangelo, in football, there is only one Pelé.”

Finally, even away from the fields, Pelé always commented on Brazilian football. Thus, in 2004, he was criticized by club officials due to “Lei Pelé”. In response to the criticism, the star stated that “the guys steal the clubs, end up with the money, and come to blame the Pelé Law”.

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