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2023 will be the hottest year on record
“after thousands of years”

Alphonso Jay Luna Geller

With a warning that “humanity is in danger,” NASA experts such as a climate scientist Gavin Schmidtpredicted that high temperatures occurring around the world could cause 2023 to be the hottest year “in thousands of years”.

In the coming season, when the world is rocked by fires and serious health warnings, in addition to new temperature records for all nations, according to the monitoring tools of the European Union and the University of Maine in the USA, citizens are simply alarmed.

According to scientists, these effects cannot be explained solely by weather conditions. el niño phenomenon, a recurring climate phenomenon not only due to the warming of the equatorial Pacific Ocean, but also to the fact that “we continue to release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.”

Italy, Spain, France, the United States, China and Japan, as well as Colombia, were hit by a heat wave peak with temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius. Out of control wildfires have destroyed millions of hectares of land recently in Greece and Canada. John Nairnextreme heat expert from UN World Meteorological Organizationwarning that “the intensity of such situations will continue to increase and the world needs to prepare for more intense heatwaves.”

He added that in places where temperatures exceed 45°C, nighttime temperatures can stay in the 40°C range, which is more dangerous to health than daytime temperatures. “Night temperatures are especially dangerous for human health because the body cannot recover from constant heat, leading to an increase in heart attacks and deaths,” he explained.

Climate change “poses a threat to humanity,” the White House climate envoy said in Beijing. John Kerry, on a trip to intensify cooperation on this issue between the two major global polluters.

The problem is that humanity is overstepping the bounds of being exposed to colossal risks that threaten the lives of humans and all animals and plants associated with available fresh water, the ozone layer and pollution levels.

This is because for the “powerful” businessmen and industrialists, it is not life that matters in the main, but money and “wealth” from land use change (reformation of the ecosystem for agriculture, excessive use of fertilizers, intensive mining), biochemical flows, stratospheric ozone depletion, abnormal use of fresh water, which add to the daily pollution caused by all people in all places where there is human life.

For this extraordinary reason, we should all be a big part of the solution. A safe and just transformation urgently requires the collective action of multiple actors, especially governments and businesses, that must operate within the boundaries of the Earth system.

Heatwaves contrast with torrential rains, floods and avalanches caused by dammed rivers that leave destruction, roadblocks, death and missing people in their wake.

We must be prepared for all this, because, in addition, the situation will have serious consequences for health, food safety, water management and the environment.

Obviously, Colombia is no exception, on the contrary. Deforestation in Colombia is destroying the jungle. Over 3 decades, the country has lost 5.4 million hectares. The protagonists of the disaster: those who want to turn the Amazon into a large cattle farm and intensive industrial crops, and those who need to open these corridors for drug trafficking.

Every year, predatory mafiosi cut down millions of trees, and the authorities only count the statistics.

That’s why he President Gustavo Petro in Paris during the implementation Summit for a new global financial pact He proposed “exchanging debt for climate action.” But traditional political views, which make us cling to the damage they do to us, do not allow us to see the importance of this proposal.

The head of the Colombian state proposed to change the external debt to investments in favor of the environment and actions to mitigate the climate crisis. The president said the money would go to the climate fund so that governments would have the resources to save the planet.

“The climate crisis implies a big global Marshall investment plan” to raise funds that “private capital would not provide, except on a limited scale,” Petro said during the summit.

According to President Petro, “the level of investment that needs to be made to overcome the climate crisis on a global scale is related to changing the world’s energy matrix, replacing fossil fuels, and not supplementing fossil fuels, which the numbers still show; without it there is no solution.”

In order to get “more income” with which to “overcome the climate crisis”, the President of Colombia proposed a tax “on global financial transactions” and “reduction” rather than “cancellation” of public debt.

These initiatives “could be great forces that could push the lever to activate real reductions in greenhouse gas emissions now,” the President of Colombia stressed.

Drinking water

Another of the most dangerous effects of climate change that we are causing is the apparent shortage of drinking water in many municipalities of Colombia, mainly in the northern part of Cauca and in departments such as Bolivar, Córdoba, Cesar, Atlantico and Magdalena, where streams and dams are depleted due to severe drought.

There is no way to quench their thirst, and in addition, citizens who still do not seek emergency care because they show symptoms of dehydration or diseases such as cholera, diarrhea, dysentery, hepatitis A, typhoid fever or polio caused by contaminated water take shelter in the shade or cool themselves with air conditioners or fans, which has increased the cost of electricity bills.

In conclusion, the task is ours, everyone, and not a neighbor, and not even the authorities, who, by their action or inaction, allowed us to write down these news and opinions. We must save the river, restore the forests, prevent daily pollution, we must think about the world we want for our children and grandchildren… oh, and be very careful with the vote we are going to cast very soon, because the elected will have to fulfill our mandate: to save our territory from climate change, which continues to kill people.


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