7 Films and series shot in the city of São Paulo

Today (25) is the 469th anniversary of the city of São Paulo. Considered the first holiday after the end of year festivities, the milestone is a commemorative one that makes many reflect on the history of the capital by going to tourist spots or simply choosing to celebrate in their own way.

And for you who are going to keep your television or streaming service company this weekend, nothing better than celebrating it your way, right? we do pixel nerd We did a very in-depth research and came up with a list of series and movies for you to watch.

However, this is not just any list. It turns out that each film and series present in it have one thing in common: each one of them was recorded on the birthday girl of the day! Check out:

1. Essay on blindness (2008)

Blindness essay is a science-fiction film that portrays the outbreak of an epidemic known as “white blindness”. When the disease hits an entire city, only a doctor’s wife manages to guide all the inhabitants in a precarious situation and be their eyes and ears.

Based on the work of Jose Saramagothe film stars none other than Julianne Moore (Forever Alice), Mark Ruffalo (Avengers) and the Brazilian actress Alice Braga (queen of the south).

A curiosity about the dramatic film by Fernando Meirelles – the same director of God’s city – is that the film was recorded in the Minhocão in the center of São Paulo. For two days, 350 film production professionals used the set to portray a city destroyed and impacted by white blindness.

2. Good morning, Veronica (2020-)

Another production filmed in the capital is Good morning, Veronica, a Brazilian police drama series on Netflix. In the plot, we follow the policewoman who bears the production’s eponymous name in a relentless quest to solve cases left aside by the corrupt police. Being a mere clerk, Veronica faces several challenges when she approaches Janete, a woman trapped in an abusive relationship with a serial killer.

Good morning, Verônica recorded several scenarios in the city of São Paulo, avoiding beaten places like MASP and Ibirapuera Park, which are always chosen. More focused on outdoor scenarios, we see the Marginal Tietê, a different view of the Ponte Estaiada located behind the TV Globo studios and even the Brooklin and Santo Amaro neighborhoods that are the character’s routes to the center.

The second production of the series was a success last year, further expanding the mythology of the series and revealing a kind of sect that covers up all the actions of a trio of criminals. The production based on the work of the authors Raphael Montes and Illana Casoy has yet to receive a renewal for a third season.

3. Striking Vipers, Black Mirror (2011-)

Black Mirror is a successful Netflix science-fiction anthology series. Each different episode addresses the different advanced electronic devices of the digital age and their consequences in the lives of its various characters. In a particular episode of Season 5, entitled “Striking Vipers” it talks about two colleagues who start to meet again and become addicted to playing an advanced fighting game in virtual space.

Quite centered on the relationship between the two, the consequences of the characters’ attitudes do not take long to impact their lives seriously with themes such as betrayal, toxic masculinity and addiction to video games. It is also in the episode in question that São Paulo is used as a landscape from the Copan Helipad to the Santa Ifigênia and Dr. Plínio de Queirós, as well as other very urban spots.

4. Sense 8 (2015-2018)

In the 20th edition of the LGBT Parade, the cast of Sense8 came to São Paulo for a big event that surprised most fans of the Netflix series. On top of an electric car on Avenida Paulista, the actors celebrated pride in diversity with lots of dancing, kisses and emotion.

Despite being prematurely canceled in its second season, the beautiful series narrated the story of eight strangers slightly connected to each other’s feelings, memories and thoughts.

5. Tune in (2019-)

Another Netflix production to join this list, Tune is another series that takes place in the capital – this time touching not only the urban scenes, but the slums of the entire city in a plot that represents and marks the popular culture of funk.

MC Doni, the evangelical Rita and the father of the family Nando fight to conquer their dreams through the adversities placed in their paths. United by a bond that unites them since childhood, the trio always seeks support in times of difficulty.

Being the most watched Brazilian series on streaming, the production had its fourth season and synopsis released last year to the delight of fans.

6. Carandiru (1992)

Based on a well-known real case (and also on the work of Dr. Drauzio Varella), Carandiru is one of the greatest films in Brazilian history that seeks to portray the lives of inmates at the Carandiru prison, one of the largest in Latin America in the 1990s. Today, the place is a park and leisure space that becomes an event for various cultural events in the city from Sao Paulo.

The work is a milestone in Brazilian culture alongside productions such as God’s city, Central do Brasil and Elite squad who won the world. The actors Wagner Moura and Rodrigo Santoro won the world after several performances after the last production in São Paulo.

7. Conquest (2023)

In the last item in the list, Conquest is a future Netflix series that had scenes shot in several cities such as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Budapest and Berlin. With a rather dystopian plot, the setting will use the capital’s environments to shoot scenes of a shelter for refugees.

In addition to the information, the series will be starred by the actor Keanu Reeves and the Brazilian actress Bruna Marquezinewho is currently cast in the DC adaptation, Blue Beetle. Little is known about the plot of the production that has been promised for years, but Gabriela Rosés Bentanco gives “02” – same production agency Two Popes takes charge of the series – enters as one of the producers alongside the director Carl Erick Rinsch.

That was our list of 7 Films and series shot in São Paulo to celebrate the city’s anniversary. Did you already know any of them? Let us know in the comments!

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