Ana de Armas divides opinions after being nominated for an Oscar as Marilyn Monroe

‘Blonde’ was one of the most controversial productions of 2022 by portraying Marilyn in a fetishized way

The actress Ana de Armasparticipated in one of the most controversial productions of last year, ‘Blonde’. The film that tells the story of the star marilyn monroe was one of the most anticipated films of 2022, but ended up disappointing a large part of the public.

‘Blonde’ divided opinion for its fetishistic appeal in portraying Marilyn and her story and even explore the Cuban actress, Ana de Armas with exaggerated scenes of nudity, sex and appeal to female suffering.

Directed by Andrew Dominikthe film received criticism for reinforcing negative stereotypes surrounding marilyn monroe and now receives public disapproval because Ana de Armas is one of the Oscar nominees for “Best Actress”.

public disapproval

Viewers did not fail to show their disapproval on the networks. On her Twitter, an internet user declared that “Ana de Armas never respected marilyn monroe“.

Another internet user highlighted his admiration for the actress for her “courage”: “Congratulations remain to Ana de Armas rewarded for her courage. Growing up in Hollywood’s hottest name, she agreed to do work so brave it could bury her. Fearless talented actresses will always have my support. We are with you A-N-A!”

Dividing opinions, many other viewers point out that A-N-A deserves the award for his talent and trajectory so far.

The Oscars itself is known for being controversial in its nominations and this year was no different. the renowned actress Viola Davisfor example, was not nominated this year, despite her work in “Mulher-Rei”.

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