Apple releases tvOS 16.3 and HomePod Software 16.3

A little “belated” in relation to its other systems, Apple has just released the tvOS 16.3 (compilation 20K650) it’s the HomePod 16.3 software (20K649) for users.

Speaking specifically of the HomePod Software, it has gained some features that will enhance the user experience with Apple’s smart speaker.

tvOS 16.3

The Apple TVs system has no significant news, limited to bug fixes and performance improvements.


tvOS 16.3 security updates are available on this page.

HomePod 16.3 software

With the launch of the second generation HomePod, the smart speaker system has also been updated with some new features — this update covers all models of the device, including the first generation and HomePod mini.

The mini even had its temperature and humidity sensors activated with the latest update. There are also remastered ambient sounds, as well as the possibility of adding them to scenes, automations and alarms through the Home app (Home). According to Apple, the sounds are more immersive, making their use more efficient.

In addition, the new product software version includes:

  • The Search (Find My) on HomePod now lets you ask Siri for the location of your friends and family if they’ve shared them with you.
  • Home app automations can be set up with just your voice;
  • Siri’s confirmation sound will play to indicate that orders have been completed for accessories that cannot visually show a change or are in another room;
  • Audio Tuner optimizes spoken content such as podcasts for better clarity on first and second generation HomePods;
  • Volume control gives more granular adjustments at lower levels on the first generation HomePod.

The HomePod Software Update can be applied through the Home app (Home), either on iPhone/iPad or Mac. Just open Home Settings and scroll to the “Software Update” area.

Apple TV 4K HomePod

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