Apple would be improving services to “expel” Google from its systems

THE apple it’s the Google (or better, the alphabet) are longtime rivals when it comes to mobile systems. Even so, Apple’s rival occupies spaces within its systems — which, according to the Financial Times disclosed, the Cupertino giant does not like anything.

The publication brought the report of two former Apple engineers, who claimed that the company would still have a certain “grudge” towards Google since the launch of Android – when co-founder and former Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, accused the system from being a “stolen product”. Since then, the two companies would be in a kind of “silent war”. With the intention of further separating itself from Google, Apple would be striving to get rid of the company in segments such as maps, searches and publicity.

The first battlefront has not been very favorable to Apple, at least for now. Its Maps application was launched in 2012 with the intention of replacing Google Maps as a native app, but it arrived with several problems and — to this day, we must admit — missing several features already present in the rival app.

However, Apple has been improving the app a lot and, according to the FT pointed out, the company has now brought a giant to the fray by launching Business Connect. With it, companies can claim their digital location and interact with users, show photos and offer promotions.

So the app can go head-to-head with Google, which still needs partners like Yelp to provide information, and profits from ads and referral fees. In addition, Business Connect can take advantage of all the integration in the Apple ecosystem, such as Apple Pay, among others.

As for the search front, it’s not necessary to rant about how giant Google is. Even so, there are old rumors that Apple is not only already using its own search engine internally, as the supposed “Apple Search” is about to be launched.

Finally, we have been following Apple’s growing efforts regarding advertising on its platforms, mainly with the expansion of advertisements in the App Store itself. Since Google makes a lot of money from ads, this would be another big battle between the two.

The reports are congruent with the rumors and efforts we’ve seen recently. Thus, we will see how (and if) Apple will actually be able to “expel” the Mountain View giant from its devices for good.

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