Botafogo seeks new CEO with ‘international presence’ and has a favorite; Eagle asset, Thairo Arruda leads process

THE Botafogo is after a new CEO? The answer is yes. But, contrary to speculation, not to dismiss Thairo Arrudadirector of SAF which has accumulated the function. The entrepreneur John Textor explained the situation in live of StoveNET this Tuesday (1/24).

Thairo Arruda himself also participated live and was a strategic support for Textor, in addition to being a translator.

I am currently leading the search for the CEO of Botafogo for my position. It means I’m not going to get fired, everything being broadcast is a lie. I’m an Eagle resource. I’ve been hired to be a resource for Eagle, John wants me and Danilo to go to Florida and work with him directly. Because together we are much more effective. John didn’t want to go into the details of the past, he had a CEO, he thought everything was fine, it ended up not happening. That’s why I’ve stayed ever since. But he was never hired to be CEO. It ended up happening over time, but the idea is to have someone in my place and I can go to my original position, which is to be an Eagle resource – clarified Thairo.

I am very valuable to John in strategic projects, in solving complex problems. He cited an example of sponsorship, renovations, jobs that we had problems with, but I’m not the person to solve the day-to-day. He would really like me to go to help with Eagle’s strategic problems and we have Botafogo in the hands of a CEO who takes care of the day to day – scored.

The SAF director already has several names in mind, but one with certain favoritism, if the negotiations move forward.

John really agrees that we need a CEO and so do I because I want to level up Eagle and help with the portfolio. I suggested names, I like one in particular, it’s in progress, maybe it will have a positive outcome in the coming weeks Thairo said.

John Textor explained what he expects from the new CEO.

The profile I’m looking for is a CEO who has an international presence, manages to become an international team. When we look at the Brazilian market, few CEOs have different perspectives, they worked on restructuring the social club, which is also important, but I wanted someone with a more latent international presence – pondered.

We have been looking at some CEO candidates, there are some interesting ones, career profiles in Brazil and then they left, or some candidates in Brazil or people who worked outside Brazil but have ties to the country Text added.

We need a CEO, we are close to closing. I shouldn’t go to Florida right away, because I have deep knowledge of the SAF, I should stay in Botafogo, but with great flexibility to help John in Florida. He said I’m not going anywhere, I’m staying with him and Eagle – Completed Thairo.

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