Companies will have to offer Pix as an option for the light bill

The National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) decided that all energy distributors need to offer the Pix option as a means of paying the light bill. The decision has just been taken, and determines that companies have a period of 120 days to insert this change in their systems.

It’s worth remembering that some of these companies already offer this payment option via Pix. For this group nothing changes and the system can remain the same. For those that do not yet offer this service, there is the option of providing a kind of QR Code on the energy bill to make life easier for the consumer.

Aneel decided to act because it understands that all consumers in the country need to be treated equally. Thus, it would not make sense to allow a citizen in Pará, for example, to have the right to pay his account in the Pix system, while someone in Paraná still does not have that right.

The Pix system is still relatively new in Brazil, but it is already one of the systems most used by consumers across the country. The procedure was created by the Central Bank (BC) and normally works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For simple transactions, it is not necessary to make any type of fee payment.

The change does not affect any existing payment formats. According to official information, citizens can continue paying their energy bill at the lottery, through automatic debit or even through the Internet Banking system. All of these options are still valid.

Pix system is more efficient

As said, the consumer will continue to be able to pay his electricity bill the way he wants. However, the Pix system can be a good option to avoid more serious problems with energy in your home.

There are cases of citizens who pay their bills, and this payment takes a certain amount of time to register with the company. In these cases, it is possible that there is a power cut due to delay in paying the expense.

When paying your account via Pix, the company’s system will recognize your payment as soon as it is made via your mobile phone. Thus, the consumer will naturally be able to take fewer risks when opting for this system.

New payment method

Aneel justified its decision to require the implementation of Pix by citing numbers that would prove the predilection of most Brazilians for this form of payment.

“PIX came to modernize the payment system in Brazil. Today it is the most used. And the electrical system couldn’t stay out of it. Some distributors have already anticipated, they did this optionally, so it is up to Aneel to come regular and come demand that all provide this tool to the consumer”, said the rapporteur of the process, Ricardo Tili.

“From a behavioral point of view, Pix humanizes processes, as power cuts due to non-payment can be avoided by immediately proving that the invoice was paid via Pix. It is a regulation that I am satisfied with as a consumer and regulator, as it will further improve the experience of the end consumer”, said Sandoval Feitosa, general director of Aneel.

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