Daniel Alves’ call-up at the World Cup had more revolt than rape

Soccer player Daniel Alves is arrested in Spain on suspicion of having raped a woman in a nightclub in Barcelona.

On December 30, the 23-year-old was at Sutton, a chic club in the Spanish city, with some friends, when two young men invited them to the cabin. They accepted and, when they arrived, one of the people there was Daniel Alves.

In testimony, they said that the two boys were touching them. Dani Alves then invites one of the young women to leave the cabin, she goes and, when she realizes that he has taken her to the bathroom, she tries to get away, but he forces her to enter and, according to the victim, sexually abuses her with violence. . Fifteen minutes later, he goes straight away, while the young woman looks for the security of the place, who triggers the authorities and calls the police.

An important piece of information that is being omitted by the Brazilian press is that it was the security guard who called the police, not the young woman. She is then welcomed, undergoes a forensic examination, which proves a sexual act with physical marks that show sexual violence.

All of Dani Alves’ action at the nightclub had been filmed: entering the bathroom, him sexually harassing the girls, the 15 minutes inside the bathroom as the victim. Even so, in the first statement he denied knowing the girl.

In the second statement, he told the judge that he was in the bathroom, that she went in and had no contact with her, he didn’t know what to do. In the third statement, he said that he had had consensual sex after she had “thrown herself” on him and performed oral sex. It went further: he said that he had previously lied to protect the girl. Who in their right mind is being accused of rape and lying to protect their accuser?

In the end, he’s still in prison.

And what calls my attention the most is the silence of the football players, Daniel Alves’ colleagues about this rape case and the fact that, when he was called up for the World Cup, we saw a flood of men complaining about it. But, talking about Daniel when he is accused of rape in a case with so many elements brought by the victim shows that a pre-existing pact between the men soon tried to stifle the case. Anyone who talks about it tries to blame the victim.

“It can only be one more ‘shoes’ interested in fame and money.” The young woman did not show her face, did not reveal her name and did not agree to make a financial agreement with Daniel to forget about the case. Are we really facing a case of tomboy?

We place football players in the position of heroes, of gods, but they are human, they make mistakes and, if Dani Alves is found guilty, he should, yes, be imprisoned, just as Robinho and so many other players who have already been involved in situations of violence against women.

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