Do telemarketing calls bother you? See how to BLOCK

Have you heard of the “Do Not Disturb Me” platform? In short, it helps to block so-called abusive telemarketing calls – a practice that companies use to offer products that are not in the person’s interest. The tool has existed since 2019, but only 4% of the country’s telephone lines are part of the service. And the best part, the initiative works throughout the national territory. In addition, it has Anatel’s endorsement and is valid for calls with telephony and payroll-deductible credit offers.

Among the participating companies are, for example, Algar, Claro, Vivo, TIM, Sky and Oi. There is also the participation of Banco do Brasil, Bradesco, Caixa, Inter, Itaú and Santander. It should also be said that the registration does not impact other sectors, such as health plans, other banking operations, retail chains, collection calls and requests for donations. Therefore, in the following lines, see how to register on Não Me Disturbe. We already said that the same can be done for free, both for cell phones and landlines.

Find out how to get rid of it. (Photo: Disclosure).

Learn how to register for Do Not Disturb Me

  1. First, the consumer must access the website via cell phone or computer. The service does not have applications for smartphones, let alone send emails with executable files. Therefore, this is the only way to register. After entering the address, just choose “I want to register” (via cell phone) or “Cadastrar” (on the computer) to start the data entry process.
  2. Then it will be time to fill in the personal data. After entering the first name, last name and CPF, a new screen will open asking for your e-mail and confirmation. It is also important to know that the site also gives the option of other forms of contact, such as cell phone or landline, if the consumer does not have an email address.
  3. Confirm your intention to register via email. Finally, the service will require you to create a password. In this way, when the registration is completed, the system will send a code by email to validate the request. Therefore, inform the code received on the page itself.
  4. Log in to the platform using the chosen e-mail and password. You must click on “New Block” to view a new panel. In it, the consumer will have to register the telephone number with DDD and select the telecommunications service providers and financial institutions about which he does not want to receive telemarketing calls.

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Finalizing the registration and putting an end to telemarketing calls

Namely, the procedure is only finalized after the user receives a numerical code sent to the chosen line. In this sense, inform the data on the Do Not Disturb page. At the end of everything, a proof of requests will appear. Finally, those responsible for the platform inform that there is a period of 30 days for the order to be made.

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