Even with flaws in the defense, Corinthians recovers and beats Guarani for Paulistão

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The night looked disastrous for the Corinthians, who conceded a goal from Guarani, in the middle of Neo Química Arena, with less than a minute of play, this Tuesday. However, in the opening of the fourth round of the Paulista Championship, Timão went after the loss and, with goals from Róger Guedes and Fábio Santos, turned the score to 2-1 and reached the leadership of group C.

A worrying point, however, was the loss of Maycon, who felt the back of his left thigh and needed to be replaced in the first half. It is worth remembering that he had been spared in the previous game, in the tie with Inter de Limeira. Fausto Vera was not available in any of the duels due to an ankle sprain.

in the table

With the result, Alvinegro went to the leadership of group C, with seven points, but can be surpassed, since São Bento, who has five, is still playing in the round. Bugre, on the other hand, was in second place in group B, with four points.

And now?

Corinthians’ next commitment will only take place on Sunday, in their first derby of the year, against São Paulo, in Morumbi, at 6:30 pm (Brasília time). Guarani will visit Botafogo-SP the day before, on Saturday, at 8:40 pm (Brasília time), at the Santa Cruz stadium.

The game

Lightning goal, Maycon and final goal

With just one minute left on the clock, Diogo Matheus, on the right, countered Bruno Michel, crossed to the middle of the area and found Bruninho, who appeared free and finished to make it 1-0. Shortly afterwards, Richard Ríos finished from afar, with Cassio’s quiet defense.

Bugre continued to press, while Corinthians was not in the game. In the eighth minute, Careca headed the ball dangerously after a cross and, shortly after, Bruno Michel kicked over the goal.

The answer came in Yuri Alberto stealing the ball, which passed to Renato Augusto. The number 8 shot dangerously, forcing a great save from Kozlinski. Minutes later, a shootout in the area, with another beautiful intervention by the goalkeeper in a shot by Róger Guedes.

After the initial scare, which culminated in Guarani’s goal, Team do Povo managed to put the ball on the ground and, with fewer mistakes, arrived again with Guedes, in a cross kick, outside.

Close to 30 minutes, however, Maycon put his hand on the back of his left thigh and had to be replaced. Roni was Fernando Lázaro’s choice.

It was only at 37 minutes that there was a new threat, when Guedes, again, appeared to head the goal, but ended up missing Kozlinski. Shortly after, the number 10 received it in front of the goal, but kicked it too far under the ball and isolated it. Yuri Alberto, after being tackled by Fagner, headed dangerously.

Already at 43, Fábio Santos recovered the ball in the middle and passed it to Roni, who took a risk from afar and was endangered. In a quick exchange of passes between Yuri, Du, Róger and Renato, the number 8 kicked over the defense. In the corner kick, Gil headed almost scraping the post.

After so much hammering, Corinthians finally reached a draw in a play that started with Fagner on the right, reversed to Renato and, finally, Róger Guedes, who pushed the ball into the back of the net.

Giuliano and Corinthian reaction

On the way back from the break, Giuliano came on for Du Queiroz. At two minutes, Renato Augusto was knocked down at the edge of the area, but the referee ordered the game to continue. The answer came with Nicolas Careca, who didn’t have the game vision to pass the ball and ended up losing the ball.

However, right after that, Giuliano received it on the right, crossed it into the area, Yuri deflected it with his head and Fábio Santos headed it down, sending the ball into the back of the goal, turning the game around.

Even so, the duel continued quite busy. Bugre arrived with danger shortly afterwards, when Bruno Michel received a free kick inside the area and headed it to Cássio’s right.

Guarani started to look for spaces in the Corinthian defense, but found difficulties. At 19, Yuri Alberto finished, but the ball stayed with the goalkeeper. Timão reached the 26th minute again, with a free kick in the area and another header by Gil.

After that, Fernando Lázaro promoted Romero and Cantillo to replace Yuri and Renato. The Paraguayan, by the way, performed a beautiful move, in which he dribbled around three opposing players, one of them yellowed.

In the 37th minute, Bugre arrived with a very dangerous cross from the right, straight towards Jenison, who forced a great save from Cássio. In the sequence, Rafael had a kick blocked by Giuliano. Once again, the opposing team almost equalized after arriving in a disorganized defense. Cássio still appeared to fit in firmly, in the middle of the goal, Jenison’s header, already in stoppage time.



Place: Neo Química Arena, in São Paulo (SP)

Date: January 24, 2023 (Tuesday)

Time: at 20:00 (from Brasilia)

Referee: Luiz Flavio de Oliveira

Auxiliaries: Anderson Jose de Moraes and Diego Morelli de Oliveira

VAR: Marcio Henrique de Gois

Yellow cards: Leandro Vilela (Guarani)

GOALS: Guarani: Bruninho, 1 minute into the 1st half; Corinthians: Róger Guedes, in the 46th minute of the 1st half; Fábio Santos, at 7 of the second half.

Total audience: 39,441 people // Paying public: 39,216 people

Income: BRL 2,335,445.00

CORINTHIANS: Cassius; Fagner, Balbuena, Gil and Fabio Santos; Du Queiroz (Giuliano), Maycon (Roni), Renato Augusto and Adson (Cantillo (Bruno Méndez)); Roger Guedes and Yuri Alberto (Romero). Technician: Fernando Lazaro.

GUARANI: Kozlinski; Diogo Matheus, Lucão, Castan, Jamerson; Alan Santos (Neilton), Leandro Vilela (Yago), Richard Ríos, Bruno Michel, Bruninho (Wenderson) and Careca (Jenison). Technician: Mozart.

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