Fast Pair can ease initial setup on Samsung Galaxy S23 series

The Fast Pair of Google can facilitate the initial configuration of devices in the series Samsung Galaxy S23scheduled for be officially launched in the next few days. With this, the accessory pairing system should also be facilitated in the models.

According to information from the 9to5Google website, Google is adding another type of device to Fast Pair, offering support for Android phones. Currently, the solution caters to headphones and smartwatches running Wear OS.

When the user’s current Android phone detects a nearby device that hasn’t been set up yet, whether it’s a replacement smartphone or a new tablet, quick pairing is automatically turned on, just like it does with headphones.

From there, depending on the specific device the user is trying to configure, the system directs them to install an app to move their data. For example, in the case of a Samsung device, this would be the Samsung Smart Switch app.

The setup process should remain unchanged from the usual steps for setting up a new Android phone with a QR code. Instead, Fast Pair seems to be used here to make getting started with the Samsung Smart Switch a little easier.

Notably, the 9to5Google team has seen evidence that suggests that Google is preparing to roll out Android’s new Fast Pair feature concurrently with the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S23 series. We just have to wait.

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