Former friend of Daniel Alves makes revelation about his ex-wife and player

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After prison in Daniel Alvesin Barcelona, ​​Spain, accused of sexual assaultseveral discrediting stories about the Brazilian player began to appear.

The Spanish journalist Pipi Estrada, a former friend of Dani Alves, revealed that the athlete had a uncommendable behavior towards his wife in season.

According to Estrada, the Brazilian sent messages to Miriam Sánchez. He told the case when asked if he was a friend of the player.

I was very friendly with Dani Alves until one day I found out that he was sending messages to my daughter’s mother”, declared the journalist.

Asked about what kind of messages, he replied: “He was all very innocent, like insinuations. One of the things that caught my attention is that he said things like ‘we talk when we can’ and sent kisses”.

Estrada pointed out that Dani Alves knew that the woman had a relationship with the journalist and recalled the day she confronted him. “Clear. I remember one day, in a classic, Barcelona x Real Madrid, when I saw him and asked him: ‘What’s going on here?’ And he said to me: ‘Dad, I didn’t do that, someone must have used my phone. Daddy, I didn’t do this to you’. He denied everything to me, but I saw it”added the journalist, according to UOL.

Dani Alves situation worsens after new complaint

The situation of Daniel Alves, arrested in Spain, accused of rape, is getting worse every day. Now, a friend of the woman who reported the player for rape revealed that she was also a victim of sexual assault.

The information was published by the newspaper The Vanguard. The case involving the player occurred in a club in barcelonaon December 30, 2022.

The alleged new victim of Dani Alves declared that the Brazilian groped her violently and rubbed her private parts. Even so, she managed to free herself and leave.

Daniel Alves was arrested on Friday (20), after voluntarily giving testimony to the Barcelona police. He is accused of sexual assault of a 23-year-old at a nightclub called Sutton.

Authorities reported that the player must remain in jail until the trial of the case takes place, still without a defined date.

Maria Concepción Canton Martín, judge in the case, ordered the preventive detention of Daniel Alves, without the right to bail, request of the Public Prosecutor.

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