MacBook Pro: Apple’s New Notebooks Outperform Competitors in SSD Speeds

The new ones macbooks pro with chips M2 Pro and max in 14 inches outperformed competitors at speeds of SSDs. The evaluation was carried out by the Tom’s Guide portal, which tested the components on the two Apple devices and had results far superior to those of the Dell XPS 15 and HP EliteBook 840 G9. Check the numbers:

  • MacBook Pro (14″) with M2 Max;

    • Reading: 5,319 Mbps;
    • Writing: 6,402 Mbps;

  • MacBook Pro (14″) With M2 Pro;

    • Reading: 5,293 Mbps;
    • Writing: 6,168 Mbps;

  • MacBook Pro (13″) With M2;

    • Reading: 2,794 Mbps;
    • Writing: 2,953 Mbps;

  • MacBook Pro (14″) With M1 Pro;

    • Reading: 5,312 Mbps;
    • Writing: 5,377 Mbps;

  • Dell XPS 15;

    • Reading: 4,045 Mbps;
    • Writing: 4,468 Mbps;

  • HP EliteBook 840 G9;

    • Reading: 4,784 Mbps;
    • Writing: 5,207 Mbps.

As you can see, the comparison shows a much lower transfer rate performance of models with Windows compared to new Apple devices in the category. Thus, the company’s launches are already promising a high level of performance in this regard.

In general, in addition to the new processors, it is expected that apple notebooks will hit the market with a screen Mini LED and thinner edges, highlighting the notch on the panel to accommodate the camera. In addition, they must arrive with ports HDMI 2.1 and support for external displays up to 8K and refresh rate 120 Hz.

Other features include Bluetooth 5.3 and connection support WiFi 6E. Some selected markets are already selling the new laptops, which still do not have an expected arrival date in the Brazilian market. But, it is already known that they will be the most expensive in the world when they finally land in national territory. The starting value must be BRL 24 thousand.

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