Man with ear infection discovers cancer

After spending weeks suffering from dizziness and persistent vomiting, Briton Dave Whitford, 49, sought a hospital. He underwent a series of tests, and the doctors informed the man that he had an inner ear infection caused by a small insect bite.

However, even with treatment, the symptoms not only continued, but evolved. Doctors decided to do a full scan of the patient’s head and found that the problems were actually caused by an end-stage brain tumour.

“When I found out, I cried and was devastated”, recalls the Briton, in an interview with The Sun.

The tumor was discovered in 2019 and monitored over the years, until in 2021, as part of the treatment, Whitford had surgery to partially remove part of his brain. The cancer was very deep, making it impossible to remove it completely.

To prevent the tumor from growing again, the Briton underwent chemotherapy and radiotherapy for just over seven months. However, the procedures caused serious side effects: he suffers from a lack of energy and memory loss, in addition to intense tinnitus that causes a lot of discomfort, especially at bedtime.

Whitford has lost his job driving a bus and is unable to work due to his diagnosis. So he created a crowdfunding campaign to help cover his expenses.

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