NASA will pay R$70,000 for anyone who can take THIS type of photograph

THE Agency Space NorthAmerican (NASA) made a tender that must pay more than R$ 70 thousand for those who can identify toxic algae, participation is open to all citizen scientists who wish to participate.

The award is for those who manage to find and classify the algae through the use of photography from the space It’s from Google maps. Prizes will be awarded in cash, being a great opportunity for citizen scientists who manage to make the recognition.

The project called “Tick ​​Tick Bloom” is developed by NASAto participate, participants need to look at images of inland water bodies and observe whether the flowering of seaweed occurs.

NASA’s award

NASA awards have prizes of varying values, being given by placement. To participate it is necessary to register through the official contest page.

Check the value of each award:

1st placing – Prize worth US$12,000 (approximately R$62,000)

2nd placing – Prize worth US$9,000 (approximately R$42,000)

3° placing – Prize worth US$6,000 (approximately R$31,000)

The contest is open to all natural persons in the world, who are not being located in nations subject to trade sanctions by the North American government. Other norms are that the person must be over 18 years old, and it is unnecessary to make any kind of payment, donation or expense to participate.

The algae analyzed by NASA.

THE NASA study the seaweed that are toxic because of their ability to affect the environment, wreaking havoc on marine ecosystems by blocking the light solar that lies beneath the vegetation, causing depletion of all oxygen below the surface. Water.

These algae are also responsible for proliferating toxins that can be dangerous for humans and wildlife. THE center in Control and Prevention in Illnesses (CDC) From States Unitednoted that contact can cause problems such as flu-like systems, skin irritation, abnormal breathing, gastrointestinal symptoms, and even paralysis.

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