New rape charge 30 years later and after serving 3 years in jail

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After 30 years of a rape charge that ended up earning him a sentence of six years in prison, of which only half was served in a closed regime (from 1992 to 1995), “the beast is back”, but not in the sense of the catchphrase that became famous in Brazil in the mouth of the narrator Galvão Bueno, but “back” to the police pages.

Former boxer Mike Tyson is being charged, more than three decades after the case in which he sexually abused model Desiree Washington, then 18, in an Indianapolis hotel room, with a new crime. This time, according to the alleged victim, the rape would have happened inside a limousine in the vicinity of New York.

According to the complainant, who prefers not to be identified “so as not to be persecuted by the media and the former boxer’s fans”, everything would have happened in the early 90s, although the exact date has not been disclosed. She says she met Tyson at a club and was later allegedly raped in the fighter’s luxury vehicle while moving.

As the crime would be prescribed, due to the passage of time, the woman who accuses him took advantage of a change in the law of the state of New York that allows actions in the civil sphere. Through a lawsuit of this type, she claims damages of 5 million dollars.

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