New WhatsApp feature is PERFECT for those who forget everything

There’s news from WhatsApp in the area! With the function of having a conversation just for yourself, it is possible to save contents, passwords, texts, images, documents, in addition to getting saved drafts that serve as a notepad.

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It’s a great way to organize your work and your multi-tasking before it’s offloaded to other outlets in their final versions.

The creation of folders in WhatsApp, previously, required groups in which those interested in having a conversation alone needed to add someone to later remove. Now, with a new messenger function addition, you can send messages to yourself without having to involve another person.

How can I chat with myself?

To talk to yourself is simple. Let’s go step by step!

  • Login to your WhatsApp application
  • Once accessed, go to the bottom right corner, where you will be forwarded to your contacts
  • Your photo must be the first to appear.
  • Afterwards, go to your name and you will be redirected to a conversation with yourself.

What if my own photo and name don’t appear?

If it doesn’t appear for you, check your online store if the app needs any updates. In the event that your name does not appear at all, agree with a friend to create a group.

After its creation, the other contact must be excluded from the chat so that you have a group of your own. The ideal is not to go through all this, since the new feature is already available.

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