“Oscars” of the worst: after controversy, Razzies apologize and withdraw nomination from the 12-year-old actress

After two days of controversy, the Razzies organization apologized and removed a 12-year-old actress from its list of nominations for its awards that “distinguish” the worst in cinema.

On Monday, the Golden Raspberry Awards (Golden Raspberries), popularly known as Razzies, included Ryan Kiera Armstrong, 12, in the list of nominations for worst actress for a new version of the film “Firestarter” (commercially unreleased in Portugal) , alongside Bryce Dallas Howard (Jurassic World: Dominion), Diane Keaton (“Mack & Rita”), Kaya Scodelario (“The King’s Daughter”) and Alicia Silverstone (“The Requin”).

In the US, the “Oscars” organization of the worst was accused of “insensitivity” and “cruelty” on social networks by current and former child stars, film critics and fans, with emphasis on actor Julian Hilliard, from the series “WandaVision” , 11, who described the appointment as “repulsive and wrong”, adding he feared Armstrong would face “bullying or worse”.

This Wednesday, the Razzies backed off with an apology, the removal of the nomination and, “having learned from this lesson”, the creation of a new guideline not to re-nominate an actor or filmmaker under the age of 18 to from now on.

“Sometimes things are done without thinking, then we are criticized. Then we realize it. That’s why the Razzies were initially created”, said John Wilson, of the Razzies, in a statement sent to SAPO Mag.

“We never wanted to bury anyone’s career. That’s why our redemption award was created. We all make mistakes, including a lot of us”, says another passage of the text.

This isn’t the first time the Razzies have nominated child actors: Gary Coleman was chosen just days shy of turning 14 in 1982 and Macaulay Culkin was 13 when he was in the running for three 1994 films for Worst Actor along with Steven Seagal, Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis.

Last year, the organization removed Bruce Willis from an exclusive category of worst films after it became public that the actor suffered from aphasia.

At the time, the nomination for Worst Actress was also withdrawn from Shelley Duvall for “The Shining” because of the way she was treated in the shooting by director Stanley Kubrick.

Despite leaving out of the list the protagonist Ana de Armas, who was nominated for an Oscar for her portrayal of Marilyn Monroe, “Blonde” received eight nominations and leads the list this year for the Razzies.

With seven nominations comes “Good Mourning”, performed by ‘rappers’ Machine Gun Kelly and Mod Sun, while “Morbius”, which the organization says is “the most ridiculous film of the year”, has five nominations, one less than the version in Actual image of Robert Zemeckis’s “Pinocchio” featuring Tom Hanks released on Disney+ deemed “totally unnecessary (and weirdly creepy)”.

Nominations for the Razzies were voted over the internet by more than 1,100 members of the organization spread across 49 American states and more than 20 foreign countries, including cinephiles, film critics and people connected to the American film industry.

The awards were first handed out in 1981 at a Los Angeles movie theater, following an idea by industry veterans and University of California film students who chose the raspberry as a symbol of mockery: the trophy rarely received by its “winners”. “, is valued at 4.97 dollars (about 4.56 euros, at the exchange rate of the day).

The “winners” will be known on March 11, the day before the real Oscars.

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