Python snake squirms while being prepared on a barbecue

A video that shows a python snake being barbecued and writhing on a grill – even broken into several pieces – has caught the attention on social media.

Biologist and snake specialist Henrique Abrahão shared the image and explained that this is due to the fact that the meat is “dehydrating” and still has “energy in the cells”.

“Naturally, it will twitch. This happens not only with snakes, but with fish and other meat as well. Some cells are still in functional capacity. It will depend on how long the meat has been fresh”, he explains.

Still according to the biologist, some parts of the snake may be sensitive. “She’s going to end up squirming somehow. Either she’s squirming from dehydration, or she’s being too cool. Being too fresh, there’s going to be parts that might even be sensitive.”

For those who are impressed with the barbecue delicacy, the biologist also clarifies. According to him, there are “various peoples that feed on snakes”, including the python.

“And in the United States it is legal for consumption, because there it [a cobra píton] became a plague,” he says.

The biologist also explained that the consumption of this type of snake helps to remove from the environment the animals that were introduced in the region and became a plague. According to Henrique, as a predator that “consumes everything”, where they are present, “95% of wild animals cease to exist”.

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