Robosaurus is real! See the giant fire-breathing robot dinosaur

It is undeniable to say that it is one of the most incredible works of engineering you will see today. Think of the many TV series that used giant robots to fight their battles. Now, look at this creature made of metal and find many similarities, this is the robosaurus.

The creator of the project is Doug Malewicki, an engineer who graduated from North American Aviation and who helped NASA in the elaboration of projects for the Apollo missions in the 1960s. During a Monster Trucks show presentation, the engineer found the whole situation banal , with giant cars ripping smaller cars to shreds.

That way, he had the brilliant idea of ​​creating a giant robot capable of destroying cars with its mouth, in addition to being able to spit fire. Being a brilliant engineer and inventor, he started producing some doodles and drawings for the design.

Even though he already had his own invention company, the creation of this robot giant would be something totally new. Keeping his inspiration from the Monster Trucks shows, he recruited Gary Cerveny and Mark Hays, his engineering partners, to lift the project.

Taking robosaurus out of paper

As you can see in the video, the creation turned out to be successful and the robot was built. However, when the idea was still just a piece of paper, the group of engineers founded Monster Robots Inc., which raised around $2 million to fund construction costs.

Malewicki was responsible for the project’s hydraulic system, planned to be 12 meters long and around 25,000 kg. The aim of the project was to produce a powerful machine that could destroy a car with its jaws and then discard it. Also, as we mentioned, it was thought that it could breathe fire, and that’s how it was done.

Two operators are needed to control the robot. Both are in a command room in the head. During production in the 1990s, the project’s creator commented that the robosaurus “is King Kong, Godzilla and ‘Star Wars’ rolled into one”.

Throughout the 1990s, it was a huge success in the US, serving as inspiration for films. But in 2009 the piece became available for sale at auction, at an event for car collectors called Barrett-Jackson, in Arizona. The expected sale of the project was US$ 5 million, which was the cost to build it. However, it sold for $632,000.

The giant robosaurus has already appeared in one of the episodes of “Trato Feito”, a program shown on the History Channel. During the program, it was offered for the amount of US$ 1 million, but the sale did not close.

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