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The victory of Gerdau Minas by 3-0 over Sesi Bauru, this Tuesday (24/1), in a late game of the first round of the women’s Superliga, defined the confrontations of the 2023 Copa Brasil.

The result made Nicola Negro’s team rise to second place, overcoming Osasco/São Cristóvão Saúde in the tie-break by sets average, while those commanded by Marcos Kwiek were fourth. If it had lost a set, Minas would have fallen to third place. It is worth remembering that the classification below does not include the two rounds already played in the return match, serving only to define the Copa Brasil.

Thus, the clashes of the quarterfinals of the Copa Brasil, still without dates announced by the Brazilian Confederation (CBV), were as follows:

Dentil/Praia Clube x Barueri
Gerdau/Minas x Pinheiros
Osasco / São Cristóvão Saúde x Sesc RJ Flamengo
Sesi Bauru vs Fluminense

With these duels, the semifinal crossings will be:

Winner of Dentil/Praia Clube x Barueri x winner of Sesi Bauru x Fluminense
Winner of Gerdau/Minas x Pinheiros x Winner of Osasco/São Cristóvão Saúde x Sesc RJ Flamengo


1 – Dentil/Praia Clube: 31 points (11 games)
2 – Gerdau Minas: 22 (11 games)
3 – Osasco/São Cristóvão Saúde: 22 (11 games)
4 – Sesi Bauru: 22 (11 games)
5 – Fluminense: 21 (11 games)
6 – Sesc RJ Flamengo: 20 (11 games)
7 – Pine trees: 18 (11 games)
8 – Barueri: 14 (11 games)
9 – Brasilia: 12 (11 games)
10 – Unilife/Maringá: 9 (11 games)
11 – Energis 8/São Caetano: 6 (11 games)
12 – Abel Moda: 1 (11 games)

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