Teen dies after using wrong spoon to stir tea four days after accepting marriage proposal

A 24-year-old girl died four days after getting engaged. Jess Prinsloo was on vacation and spending time in South Africa. She suffered an allergic reaction after using a spoon with traces of milk to stir tea while visiting her mother in Johannesburg.

Jess and Craig McKinnon, got engaged on the 27th of December last year, in a popular tourist spot in the city of Mpumalanga. Then the two traveled to Johannesburg, where the young woman’s mother lived.

“Many of her family members live in South Africa and she hadn’t visited for six years, so I knew there was no better place to propose. I stuttered as I got down on my knees to ask ‘will you marry me?’ But she started crying before she even said yes – recalled Craig McKinnon to the British tabloid Mirror.

During a visit at Jess’s mother’s home on the 30th, the young woman had contact with dairy products and, within seconds, went into anaphylaxis – a potentially fatal reaction that causes the throat to close. She died in hospital the next day, New Year’s Eve.

Jess always carried two injections of a drug indicated for the urgent treatment of severe allergic reactions, but on this occasion, they didn’t work.

The young woman was diagnosed with a dairy protein allergy at nine months of age and had already told her fiancé that she was resurrected after ingesting milk used in an Indian dish, at the age of 18.

“On another occasion, she ordered a vegan dessert that wasn’t supposed to have dairy in it and still needed medication as well as going to the hospital. – punctuates the groom

Despite the accident having happened at the end of 2022, Craig returned to the UK only this Monday, bringing the bride’s ashes back home. The two met at the university where they studied in 2019 and decided to live together during the isolation of covid-19, in 2021.

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