Textor projects Botafogo as ‘the best way for athletes to reach the top of Europe’ and as ‘the best capitalized club in Brazil’

The context of Eagle Footballwhich encompasses several clubs around the world, will be positive for the Botafogo. In several respects. That’s what the shareholder explained John Textorat live of StoveNETthis Tuesday (1/24), on YouTube.

In terms of wages, we are the sixth in Brazil. If we are faced with a market or player opportunity that we have to really buy and it is a valuable asset, we are in a position. It is the beauty of the relationship with other clubs, we have capital circulating within Eagle and we are able to make acquisitions when we find a good business opportunity. Each club in the Eagle group has to be managed individually, as we also have minority partners in each of them. We have to manage according to the budget defined at the beginning of the season – said Textor, who points to Botafogo as a likely club that will be on the way to Europe.

– TWe see this relationship between the clubs in which we managed to use this allocation of resources. Lyon already has a relationship with Brazil, I hope it will be strengthened to generate more talent for both clubs. I really believe that we are going to build a project where we will have the best path for athletes to reach the top of Europe. We will compete with clubs and players will prefer us for delivering the European way – described.

I really hope that, as soon as we reach an agreement with the City Hall for the CT, there will also be a little piece of Lyon in the academy. Because we are going to deliver a good structure, on the way to the titles and to Europe he added.

The American businessman also addressed comments that he has paid more attention to Lyon in recent months.

Lyon’s deal was really tough, I dedicated a lot of time, it was 800 million euros, but I’m very good at bringing resources and partners. You can expect that in the next two or three years I will continue to raise capital for Eagle and Botafogo tends to be the best capitalized club in Brazil.

It is not possible to compete with City or a club from Abu Dhabi, the process is long, nowadays it is difficult to compete with Flamengo, which has revenues of R$ 1 billion. It is about being creative to reduce the difference and reach these revenue levels in the coming years – completed.

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