Thicker line? Marília Ruiz explains changes in VAR

The CBF announced changes in the VAR that will be tested in the Supercopa do Brasil, between Flamengo and Palmeiras, next Saturday (28), at 4:30 pm. Among them, decisions announced on the stadium screen. At the end of storyfeaturing daily at 6 pm by Eduardo Tironi, journalist Marília Ruiz criticized the new system and the lack of transparency regarding the video referee.

“It’s bizarre, a theater that will happen. When the VAR wants to appear, we will listen, but only when they want to, then there is no transparency, transparency would be if everything were open”, he said.

“The explanation is that we are going to copy the Premiere League, but they don’t say what they are going to do. The company is the same that already provides services to the CBF, the VAR service is already provided by the same company, and it says it will use the VAR with a thicker line to lessen the possibility of distortions, but what is the width of the line based on image distortion?”, asked Ruiz.

The columnist of UOL spoke with sources from the company that provides services to the CBF to understand the new system to be adopted. and explained in end of story.

Every image has distortion, the same VAR that goes to Vila Belmiro distorts 15 cm, in Morumbi at night it’s 22 cm, so the line has to be smart, it’s a mathematical calculation, no image is 100%. We turned the offside move into an interpretive move, now we have to do an account, there is distortion in every projection.”

Palm trees or VP? Milly and Vitão debate who Corinthians will support

With Flamengo and Palmeiras deciding the Supercopa do Brasil, the Corinthians have a complicated choice to make: cheer for the former who became disaffected or for the main rival? Vitor Guedes and Milly Lacombe disagreed on the issue (check out the discussion above).

“People who are Corinthians fans will cheer for a meteor. Palmeiras or Vítor Pereira?”, questioned Milly.

“Ah, Vítor Pereira, I don’t have the slightest doubt”, replied Vitão.

“There’s not much to do, I don’t feel very comfortable cheering for Vítor Pereira”, added Milly.

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