Victim of Daniel Alves was filmed crying at the club shortly after alleged abuse

Daniel Alves during a match for Pumas, from Mexico – Photo: Reproduction

A security camera attached to a police uniform recorded the alleged victim of Daniel Alves still crying inside the Sutton nightclub, in Barcelona, ​​according to information from the Catalan newspaper “El Periódico”.

The images also show the woman giving the first “testimonials” to the agents. The victim stated that she felt “embarrassed” and also “guilty” for having agreed to enter the same space where the Brazilian side was.

Still according to the newspaper, they show the young woman in a “nervous state” and who already at that moment assures that she was the victim of a sexual assault by the player. El Periódico also points out that the agent’s camera was accidentally triggered.

The woman, in turn, was transferred to Hospital Clínic, the reference center where victims of sexual assault in Barcelona are referred. At the scene, the victim was examined by a medical examiner, who found injuries compatible with the fight, abrasions on the knee and remains of seminal fluid.

The remains of seminal fluid must now be compared with a DNA sample that the Brazilian accepted to hand over to the investigators. Daniel Alves has been arrested since last Friday (20) on suspicion of sexual assault.

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