WhatsApp tricks you SHOULD use; are amazing!

If you don’t have a WhatsApp account yet, you’re probably surrounded by people who already do. This is because, currently, the application is one of the most popular in the entire world, including in Brazil. Incidentally, the application is among the three most used in the country in question.

In this sense, what few people know is that there are some WhatsApp tricks that can make users’ lives much easier. Usually, many are still unaware of these tricks, however, discovering them can further improve the experience of using the application.

In this way, it is extremely valid to check what WhatsApp tricks are, as well as how each one of them works and how to use them, taking advantage of the platform even more.

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Amazing WhatsApp Tricks

Hide online during calls

Well, first of all, it is worth saying that there are two possibilities to hide online. The first of them, definitively, and the second, for those who just want a few minutes off.

To better understand, a recent WhatsApp update allows users to remove online from the app. By activating the function, no one will know when the user is or is not connected to the network.

So, to make this possible, just access the settings, privacy and choose who can see your online status.

However, in addition, those who want to go online only for a few minutes, for example, while on a call, can also count on a trick.

Just exit the app and lock the device. Thus, it is possible to continue the call, but without showing the online to anyone who is snooping on your profile.

disable calls

Still talking about the calls, who hasn’t received one from someone rather undesirable? Well, the solution to this can be somewhat practical.

More specifically, when the user does not want to receive a call via WhatsApp, simply deactivate the option. The process is quite simple, and consists of accessing the settings, finding the notifications tab and selecting the calls.

Then just disable pop-ups and worry no more.

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There’s still more!

Calls with more than 30 people

Who never wanted to make a call with a group of friends, but couldn’t, considering the participant limit established by WhatsApp?

If you’ve been through this situation, know that the solution has already arrived! Now, therefore, it is possible to make calls with up to 32 people simultaneously.

To do this, just add participants to the call in question. It is also possible to invite them through a link, which becomes available when the user decides to create the call.

Disable calls outside of WhatsApp

Finally, the last trick can come in handy for many. This is the possibility of blocking calls from your cell phone, which allows the user to browse the application without any obstacles.

Therefore, for this to be possible, it will be necessary to activate the cell phone’s airplane mode. Once that’s done, then hit reactivate Wi-Fi and enjoy not only WhatsApp, but all the other apps available, without anyone calling you and interrupting your fun.

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