Woman dies after using wrong spoon to stir tea after getting engaged

A woman has died after using a spoon with the remains of milk to stir tea, shortly after being proposed to by her boyfriend, with whom she was traveling in South Africa. Jess was the victim of an acute allergic attack, caused by her lactose intolerance.

She and then-boyfriend Craig got engaged on December 27 at a well-known tourist spot in the city of Mpumalanga. After enjoying a moment alone, the two traveled to Johannesburg, where the young woman’s mother lived – and a visit to the woman’s home, on the 30th, ended in the accident that caused the death of Jess on December 31, after a hospitalized day.

“Many of her family live in South Africa and she hadn’t visited for six years so I knew there was no better place to propose. I stuttered as I got down on my knees to ask ‘will you marry me?’ started crying before he even said yes,” recalled Craig McKinnon, Jess Prinsloo’s fiance, told British tabloid Mirror.

After celebrations with “a lot of champagne and joy”, the two went to visit the bride’s mother, taking the opportunity to have tea. Jess, who worked as a marketing executive, carried anti-allergy pills in case she mistakenly consumed a dairy product, but the meds weren’t enough to stave off anaphylactic shock.

“When she died, a part of me died too, but there is no one I can blame for her death,” said the young woman’s partner.

Despite the British having died in late 2022, Craig returned to the UK just yesterday, taking the bride’s ashes back home. The two met at the university where they studied in 2019 and decided to live together during the isolation of covid-19, in 2021.

When commenting on the lack of effect of the anti-allergic drugs used by Jess, the boy says he believes that the years of repeated seizures by the young woman had a “cumulative effect” on her body. She was diagnosed with lactose intolerance at nine months of age and had already told her fiancé that she was resurrected after ingesting milk used in an Indian dish, aged 18.

“On another occasion, she ordered a vegan dessert that was supposed to be dairy-free and still had to be medicated and in hospital. I stopped eating dairy three years ago because it wasn’t worth the risk.” now wants to educate others about the risks of allergies. “It’s something people can’t control and it could kill them. I just want people to hear it and understand how dangerous it is.”

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