‘Wouldn’t anyone in the world like to kiss her?’

The kiss between Selena Gomez and Cara Delevingne in “Only murders in the building” left fans crazy. The scene aired last Tuesday, LGBTQIAP+ Pride Day, and soon went viral on social media. In an interview with E! one of the actresses commented on the repercussion of the kiss between the two:

“It was fun. Wouldn’t anyone in the world want to kiss Selena?” asked Cara.

Selena plays Mabel Mora, who falls in love with Alice Banks, Cara’s character. The kiss took place in the second episode of the second season of the series to the sound of Billie Elish’s hit “You should see me in a crown”.

“It was just hysterical. It’s one of those things, especially when you meet someone, that you just have fun with it.”

The actress even commented on the work alongside Selena, despite not being able to see each other much because they are “always busy”:

“Being able to spend time with her, work with her… She’s a wonderful person to work with, whether I know her or not. She’s brilliant, one of the actresses I’ve most enjoyed working with.”

Cara Delevingne came out as pansexual in 2020 and even told the portal that she felt empowered by her role in the series.

“To me, being able to play a queer role meant a lot, and [Selena] knew that,” she said. “Acting that out was really exciting.”

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