3D animation compares size of the biggest statues in the world; watch

Cristo Redentor, with its 38 meters, is far from being one of the biggest; see list

Company creates 3D animation to compare the size of statues around the world

Company creates 3D animation to compare the size of statues around the world

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The world is full of statues and scattered monuments that, most of the time, are the postcard of a city — that tourist spot that is worth taking a picture. Be the Christ the Redeemerin Rio de Janeiro or the Statue of Liberty, in New York, they call attention not only for their history, but for their size.

And if you’ve ever wondered which one is the biggest, or wanted to put them side by side to make a comparison, know that now you can. The company Global Data gathered data from the largest statuesand with a 3d animationcompared on a real size scale.

The video, shared on YouTubehas more than 1.8 million views and brings together sculptures from around the world, such as the Great Sphinx of Giza, in Egyptor one of the works of Michelangelostatue of David, Italy.

The measurement is marked in feet (US measurement unit, and meters — which we use here in Brazil). Other statues that appear on the list are of well-known personalities, such as Buddha and the Indian god Shiva. The same Martin Luther King Jr, in the USA.

Now, if you think Christ the Redeemer is tall, with its 38 meters high, wait to see the representation of the Statue of Unity, in Gujarat, India. She is the big “winner” of the 3D animal, with 182 m in height. The gigantic work is a tribute to the leader of the Indian independence movement, Vallabhbhai Patel.

If you are an enthusiast of animations and comparisons, the Global Data YouTube channel also has other comparative content, such as the size of dinosaurs, planets, towers, monsters, galaxies and stars.

Watch the video:

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