After two months, winner of more than R$ 10 billion in lottery in the USA still has not withdrawn prize – News

It’s been two months since a lucky person won 2.04 billion dollars (more than R$ 10 billion) in a lottery in California, United States. The record prize, however, has not yet been withdrawn by the winner of the draw.

According to the American USA TodayCarolyn Becker, spokesperson for the California State Lottery – responsible for auditing prizes in the state – said that no winner has claimed the prize so far.

The store that sold the ticket has already received a bonus of 1 million dollars (about R$ 5 million), but so far there is no news about the new great billionaire.

According to Becker, the winner has up to one year to present himself as the winner of the draw. The person who won the jackpot can do this in different ways, such as presenting the winning ticket at a California lottery agency or even sending the ticket through the post office.

Following the rules of the local lottery, the company spokeswoman said that she cannot say on which day the winner placed the bet.

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