Famous bear in Italy, of rare species, dies run over and moves the country

Animal became known after breaking into a bakery and spending the afternoon devouring cookies

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Juan Carrito died after being hit by a car

THE Italy Tuesday the 24th dawned in mourning. The country lost Juan Carrito, a bear who made headlines for breaking into a bakery and spending the afternoon devouring cookies. The 150 kg animal is of the marsicano species, which is relatively rare and lives in the mountains of Italy. It is believed that there are only around 50 of these bears left in the country. Carrito was hit by a car on a mountain road near the town of Castel di Sangro, in central Italy, on the night of last Monday, 23. “There are no words to express our sadness for what happened,” said the Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park on Instagram. “Juan Carrito was a troublesome bear, but at the park we did everything to give him a chance and allow him to remain free,” he added. The animal had been captured last year and taken to a more remote region after breaking into the bakery. However, this “four-year-old boy” liked to return to his old haunts in search of food. Before the accident, he had been seen at the weekend at a ski resort, according to news on Italian state TV RAI. The bear’s name partly came from the village of Carrito in Abruzzo, where local media reported that it was first seen crossing a road. As Carrito is a Spanish word (the diminutive of car), the first name appeared, Juan, quite common in the Iberian country.

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